Chram Forest Glitch

November 29, 2008

It appears that there is a glitch in the Charm Forest. Every time your finished searching you can see how much is left until you can search again. Such as 03:27:37! Just like the Employment Office!!!!!! Well, this is clearly NOT the right time.

charmglitchYou’ll be waiting LONG time! 🙂 


Minty Reindeer

November 29, 2008


November 29, 2008






November 15, 2008

Hanukkah is finally here! I’m not Jewish, I’m Christian but, many people who log on to Webkinz World are. If you buy a menorah and put it in your room you will see candles light up each night for eight days! Happy Hanukkah!!




New Pets

November 15, 2008

We have some new pets! They are the Webkinz American Golden Retrieverer, Webkinz Gray Owl, Lil’ Kinz Canary, Webkinz Groundhog, Webkinz Key Lime Dino, Lil’ Kinz Purple Goldfish, (If you read my Crazy Chickadee Glitch article you’ll remember that Lil’ Kinz Purple Goldfish was written on the tag) Webkinz Emporer Dragon, and the Webkinz Chimpanzee!!!!!!


Too Full

November 14, 2008

I just tried to login to Webkinz and it said…


New Game

November 13, 2008

There is a newgame here in Webkinz World. It’s called PIZZA PALACE! It’s F-U-N! (So, I’ve been told!)  I’ve been in such a rush today, I only played Pizza Palace for half a minute. Well, try it out and tell me what you think!


New Recipes

November 13, 2008

There are some new recipes in Webkinz World! ☺  Yay! I ♥ cooking up a storm in my kitchen in Webkinz World. Though, I haven’t figured out the recipes yet, I hope I will soon!


Just Wondering

November 9, 2008

Who is cuter? The cat or the dog. Please, tell me through comments! So, the cat or, the dog?


Virtual Christmas Tree

November 8, 2008

Here is a picture of the virtual christmas tree.


Christmas in Webkinz

November 8, 2008

We all know christmas is coming soon. To make christmas extra special webkinz is coming out with some really cool things. These things include webkinz christmas ornaments, a new webkinz pet which is the snowman, a new webkinz elf costume, and a new christmas purse. When you get a webkinz ornament it comes with a special code, and when you enter it in the code shop you get a really cool virtual christmas tree to decorate.

ornamentpic      backpack

New webkinz snowman in elf costume

New webkinz snowman in elf costume Virtual christmas tree

Crazy Chickadee Glitch: Bird or Fish

November 8, 2008

I found a strange photo of a Webkinz Chickadee glitch on the Internet today. When you get a Webkinz pet there is a tag sewn on to it. So, if you you get a Webkinz Lion, it says Webkinz Lion, Lil’ Kinz Hippo will have a tag saying Lil’ Kinz Hippo etc. Well, this Chickadee has a tag on it that says Lil’ Kinz Purple Goldfish. I guess a Purple Goldfish  will  be coming soon to Webkinz World. Yay 😀


Cooking With Santa Puff

November 8, 2008

Today I’m going to share some recipes with you. These recipes will help you stay toasty in the winter. First, is the Bluffles Waffle Shack. Mix together Blueberries, a Cupcake, and Waffles. Next, go to your blender and throw in a Chocolate Bar, Marshmallows, and Milk. Finally,for a treat that will keep you warm, blend together some Chocolate Milk, a Chocolate Bar, and Hot Chocolate.  Bye!

Chef Puff         images

Special Thanks

November 8, 2008

I would like to say thanks to all of the sites I’ve gotten information from. Kooty Kinz, Webkinz Insider, and Kinzblog. These sites have all been a great help!

Super Sunday

November 8, 2008

The Webkinz estore has TONS of  items today! Including the Wheel of  Wow Charm($1.50), White Terrier Charm($1.50), Yorkie Charm ($1.50), Minty Reindeer ($12.50),the Snow Mobile ($6.00), Circus Dining Chair ($2.00), Circus Dining Table ($6.00), Circus Clown Car Chair ($5.00),Aquamarine Butterfly Tree ($9.00), and Circus Dining Chair -Set of Four ($6.00)! 🙂



March 7, 2009

Go to plz!

Charm Forest Glitch

December 21, 2008

It appears that there is a glitch in the Charm Forest. Every time you finished searching you can see a bar that says your next search in __:__:__!  Just like the Employment Office, it tracks your time. Well, this is definitely NOT the right time!                



December 19, 2008

HO! HO! HO! Look outside! There is now plenty of snow in Webkinz World!!!!!!!  Now, you can even buy two cute little trees to put outside. Enjoy the frosty weather. 


New Pets

December 19, 2008

Sorry I have not written in a while but i’ve got BIG news! There are TONS of new webkinz! 🙂 They’re all so cute! There is the Irish Setter, Blue Whale, Pink Glitter Fish, Mountain Goat, Pelican,and the Spotted Turtle. I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!:) feb_webkinz:

Christmas in Webkinz World

November 29, 2008

Now, you can find Christmas items in the W-Shop!! Such as: The First Snow Christmas Tree, The Classic Christmas Tree,  The Glittering Gem Tree, The Holiday House Coat, and The Holiday Night Dress.